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Athletics Betting

Athletics betting is a diverse sports betting category covering a range of sports and events. It is comprised of a fair number of track and field events, including the numerous running events (sprints, long ditance, steeplechase, etc.), Shot Putt, Javeline, and Discus, the long jump, high jump, and pole vault, as well as decathlon and other combined events.

Major events for Athletics betting include, of course, the Olympic Games and the Commonwealth games, both of which are held once every four years. Other events that gain coverage include the European Cup, not to mention the various events run by the IAAF, including the biennial World Championships and the World Athletics Final.

Athletics Betting

Athletics Betting Information and Markets

Although perhaps not as enthusiastically embraced or as well received by online betting fans as horse racing and football, there's no denying that typical athletics betting provides many golden opportunities for the fair-weather and hardcore gambler to take advantage of. The markets are often made available well in advance of the athletic events themselves, so by definition are favourable in terms of competitively priced margins and variables. One very large tick in one very large box then for starters.

And then there's also the thrill of it all. For those who get overly animated as your horse takes to the outside of the track and makes its last-gasp dash for glory, the adrenalin rush is widely acknowledged as being up there with some of the more 'extreme' sports for the ultimate buzz factor. Yet the same can be witnessed by following your red hot tip in the track and field arena; especially when there's Olympic and Commonwealth gold medals at stake. The 100m and 200m sprints are edge of seat spectator stuff if ever, whilst the 4x400m relay and 110m hurdles get the blood pumping around the athletics betting punter's body as much as the competing sports person if there's a useful wager riding on the final result. Trust us. When the margin of supposed error between winning and losing is the merest fraction of a second, the sheer excitement is tangible. Box two swooshed then.

Athletics Betting Information and Markets

Olympic Games And Commonwealth Games Integral Part Of Athletics Betting DNA

Of course, athletics dates back to Roman times, as obviously the Olympic Games themselves are etched in the human psyche as the starting point of all things running, jumping or throwing, whilst both the London Marathon and New York Marathon – and to a certain extent, the Great North Run – are also lumped in with the complete athletics betting mix with many interactive bookies. For those of you new to the internet betting environment then interactive bookmakers' free bets incentives are the ideal platform on which to launch your virtual betting journey. And what better way to ease yourself into the online sports betting scheme of things by trying your hand at wagering on athletics outcomes? Throwing yourself in at the deep end and attempting to familiarise yourself with the fast and furious, high octane football and horse racing betting scene is not for the faint hearted, as limitless opportunities and a constant ticker tape parade of odds, prices and markets flash before your eyes. However betting on athletics affords the newbie bettor the luxury of time, as by its very nature athletics betting events don't come around as rapidly as other sports book mainstays.

That's not to say that when they do – athletics betting primarily concentrates on the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, European Cup, World Athletics Championships and World Athletics Final and various other IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) meetings – leading internet bookmakers don't offer a comprehensive sportsbook on each individual event, discipline and most importantly, competing athletes. That's alongside second guessing just which country is going to collect the most medals/biggest points tally, although in honesty this comes more to the fore in terms of Olympic Games betting and Commonwealth Games betting; a time and place that usually sees the USA, China, the former Russian states and various countries from the African continent fighting it out for top honours across a plethora of fields. And tracks.

Olympic Games And Commonwealth Games Integral Part Of Athletics Betting DNA

Athletics Free Bets Great Starting Point For New Interactive Punters

Looking closely at athletics free bets, and the virtual punter has a broad choice of options so as to get them off the mark. Betfair for example are keen advocates of athletics betting and offer a ₦7,500 free bet to new online members, whilst William Hill also promotes good market coverage for athletics along with its ₦7,500 free bet incentive. Otherwise 888Sport also expand their range of free betting interests and extensive sports betting portfolio to cover athletics, while proffering its ₦15,000 free bet and well worth a visit. For far more information on the best current free bets deals just click through our 'Top recommended Bookmakers' directory found at the top of the page.

With regards the main athletics betting events touched on above, and by far the most important meeting in the athletics betting calendar, outside of the Olympic and Commonwealth Games, is arguably the IAAF World Championships in Athletics (as it's officially referred to). A biennial meeting that came about as of 1983, and was contested by 1,355 athletes competing in 41 events and took place in Finland's capital city, Helsinki, the last (and 12th) World Championships were played out in Berlin, Germany in 2014 and witnessed 2,101 athletes participating in some 47 individual events. The next two pencilled in are the 2016 World Athletics Championships hosted by Daegu, South Korea and the 2018 Championships set to be staged in Moscow, Russia.

Speaking of individual events and disciplines, and another major difference betting on athletics has over over the more commonplace online sports wagering is that you can place a bet on either a competing team or individual, whilst the events are played out on a variety of surfaces either under a roof (during the winter months) or out in the open (summer schedule). Which again are factors that can influence your betting process when researching particular athletes and their recent histories and results in these differing environs. That said, hammer, javelin, shot putt and discus for example - due to their optimum space requirements - remain strictly outside-only athletics betting events, so therefore offer less variables. Athletics covers such a far-ranging multitude of sports, that the spectrum for betting markets takes some beating. Without dumbing-down the concept of athletics, the remit of the internet betting sportsbook envelops everything where the gist of the sporting matter is centred around running, jumping or throwing put simply. In effect this covers the following traditional track and field sectors;

Athletics Free Bets Great Starting Point For New Interactive Punters

Main Athletics Betting Events And Disciplines

Decathlon - (men)

Heptathlon - (women)

Field Events;

Discus, hammer, shot putt, javelin - (key throwing events)

Long jump, high jump, triple jump, pole vault - (primary jumping sections)

Track Events;

Hurdling (100m, 110m, 400m), cross country running, marathon running, long distance running (5,000m, 10,000m), middle distance running, steeplechase (3,000m), road running, race walking (20k and 50k), relay running (4x100m, 4x400m, 4x800m, 4x1500m), sprinting (100m, 200m, 400m) - (predominant running disciplines)

By no means an exhaustive list, but noting the core areas that athletics betting fans new and old may further their initial interest in and knowledge of. Similar to many other interactive betting sports, athletes usually remain in their event and competition-winning zone for a number of years, and perhaps peaking for a couple like any other conditioned sports performer out there, man, woman or beast (horse and greyhounds we're implying before you ask).

Addressing the rudimentary elements and basic requirements of track and field athletics, and the predominant focal point is the track itself; which historically in major Games or Championships houses the field section within its borders. A full-sized outdoor track usually encompasses some 400metres in diameter, and consists of six or eight lanes. The track's surface comprises of either synthetic rubber or a polyurethane composite which enables all-year round use. Indoor tracks differ in as much as they measure approximately 200metres in circumference and benefit from four or six clearly defined lanes that offer a steeply banked perimeter edge to accommodate bends that are far more aggressive than outdoor tracks. Athletes always run anti-clockwise, whilst the specific order of track and field events are set in motion by random draw protocol staged at each athletics meeting.

Main Athletics Betting Events And Disciplines

Usain Bolt Has Put Athletics Betting Back On Virtual Gambling Map

More and more focus has fallen on the emerging and new breed of stars of track and field in recent years, as leading athletics names have become household for the first time in a couple of generations. Where once Olympic decathlete Daley Thompson and javelin-throwing Fatima Whitbread dominated the field and Sebastian Coe, Steve Ovett, Liz McColgan and the somewhat unconventional, Zola Budd called the track their own, only long-jumper Jonathan Edwards and javelin expert, Steve Backley, along with decathlete Dean Macey have come close to emulating the achievements of their predecessors. Whilst now the spirit of Carl Lewis and Linford Christie is now very much alive and kicking in the lightening quick 100m and 200m running shoes of a certain Jamaican athlete called Usain Bolt. Who's doing his level best not only to echo these previous greats of the track and field, but re-write the history and record books in the process.

We can wax lyrical about the draconian efforts in the rowing of legends like Sir Steve Redgrave, Matthew Pinsent and James Cracknell, who systematically became by words for Olympic heroes in successive Games, yet track and field performers somehow didn't gather the same momentum or place in the hearts and conscience of the athletics betting public at large. Until the advent of Bolt that is. He's the Lewis Hamilton of Formula One, the Tiger Woods of golf, the Roger Federer of tennis and the Ronaldo of football. He is a modern day sporting icon who quite literally takes everything in his gigantic, almost lumbering stride. After his reality-defying 100m and 200m sprints for Olympic glory at Beijing in 2013, Usain Bolt has become the universal, market mans' dream that the world of athletics needed to bolster its poor relation image in the world of sports betting with. A massive crowd draw at any athletics meeting since his 2013 Olympic Games track exploits, Bolt has put athletics (and therein, athletics betting), well and truly centre stage once more.